I thank you, Carolyn for the great editing on my book, Come! Come Closer! You were very cognizant of the age level of the book, making many suggestions and comments regarding vocabulary and dialogue appropriate for school-aged children. Providing clarity for certain passages and advising on well-thought out alternate text were a strength of yours. You were cognizant of my voice throughout the book and made suggestions that were in keeping with my style. You noticed errors in small details including in grammar, punctuation and font usage. Your comments were positive and thoughtfully stated.

I also thank you for the quick responses to my queries. You kept me informed of your schedule for my book and completed the editing on time. I enjoyed working with you, Carolyn, and would highly recommend you to anyone needing an editor for their work throughout the writing process.

——Catherine Kowalczyk

“Carolyn did an outstanding job copy-editing my middle-reader manuscript. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. She provided consistent Canadian spelling, corrected punctuation and grammar usage, and noticed glitches in word usage. Potential publishers can now focus on the story’s assets and not be distracted by an error-ridden manuscript. Carolyn helped make my book the best it can be.

“I highly recommend Carolyn Wilker for copy-editing.”

——Cindy Matthews

“It was a pleasure working with Carolyn on my book, Duke’s Doo-Wop. She was professional and efficient. Her work was immaculate and done in a timely fashion. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

——Rowena Lovell, author of Duke’s Doo-Wop.

“Carolyn was rock-solid dependable, efficient and effective throughout the entire editing process of my second book. She was always on time, on schedule, responsive and a charm to work with. I was especially impressed with how Carolyn artfully stayed true to the rules of editing while maintaining and protecting my “voice.” This was so important to me because, as a professional speaker, I need readers to hear and imagine my “platform voice” while they read. Carolyn made me sound like me, but better! Her editorial skills considerably improved the quality of my work, by raising questions of clarity on occasion and offering sage advice too. I am proud of my newest book’s presentation in large part thanks to Carolyn’s editing. She’s the first person I’ll think of when I look to partner with an editor for my third book, and I’ll highly recommend her to any of my professional speaker colleagues looking for a fine, responsive, easy-to-work-with editor for their manuscript or article publications. Carolyn was always positive, pleasant, participative and, quite frankly gentle, thoughtful and kind. I enjoyed the experience of working with her and truly felt she was part of my book’s production team.”

—Nina Spencer, author of A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar.

All that I do stems from my passion of helping people to live, work and play with confidence, conviction, clarity and purpose, including my writing. However, Carolyn made a profound contribution to the quality of writing for my soon-to-be-published book: The Roadmap To Success. The contribution is from the perspective that we don’t know what we don’t know.

It was easy for me to write about what it takes to thrive. It is quite another matter to write in a manner that eases the reader into a body of knowledge that may not be their area of prime awareness.

What a blessing to work with Carolyn, allowing her skills and passion for a clear writing voice to take my passion to an arena where the reader can follow fruitfully.

Carolyn brought me gently yet profoundly to a place of “aha” when she recently commented that whether writing a blog, newsletter, article or a book to remember this: you are writing for your reader not for yourself. Working with Carolyn gave me a great feeling of security in the quality of my work because she could look out for my gaps — the places where my passion may be a blind-spot for my reader.

Thank you, Carolyn. The eagle eye of your editing will continue to be a resource to which I place my writing to the test.

—Judith L. Harrison, Trumpeter’s Choice Consulting Inc.

Thanks so much for your help! There’s no way my usual editors (family and friends) would have caught all you did or had the fantastic suggestions for refinement that you did. Your prompt response and attention to detail is second to none. Your work defines professionalism. This will be one of the first impressions people get of my work, so it was important that it be done well. I can rest easy now knowing that it’s a quality document, thanks to you.

—Carol Glover, FireHorse Consulting

I wanted to tell I you how much I appreciated using your services. First of all was the debate as to whether or not I needed an editor or the cost of one. I thought I could do it myself; was I ever wrong!

Her (Carolyn’s) style was very reasonable also considering I was working on a deadline. She offered ideas that went above and beyond those required of her, which showed she really cared about the quality of my book. She didn’t just proofread it, she read it to understand, and it showed in the ideas she was able to offer me. I am so proud of my book. Thank you, Carolyn.

—Sarah Jo Wood, Real Estate and sales coach

“Carolyn, I would like to thank you again for your excellent editing service on my application essays. I applied for two of the top 10 Ivy League business schools this year (2011) and I got interviews from both schools. It would not have been true if it hadn’t been for the essays that you edited. Before Christmas, I received the best gift I could dream of — an offer from my dream school!

I would like to recommend to anyone the professional editing service I received from you, which went beyond proofreading and grammar. The essays after the editing are much clearer, more logical, concise, and powerful. Thanks again and Happy New Year of 2012!

——Rick Wei