Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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At the end of Day One of the District 86 Toastmasters Fall conference, some attendees were still on the dance floor. From my hotel room I could hear the beat of the drums. I like to dance but the strobe lights that rotate as the music plays are not kind to my senses and eyes. They can cause a migraine and that's not what I need in the middle of a jam-packed conference. And so I retired for the night, but not to go to sleep right away. I had a blog post to write for Saturday the 11th.
Doris DTM.jpeg My friend, Doris Tuckett, one of three members of our club who earned her Distinguished Toastmasters designation this year.
We'd eaten a good meal, served by the hotel staff, watched the banner parade directed by Area 61 Director, Chris O'Brien, in a lively and engaging style. We'd also celebrated 'Of the Year' awards as well as visiting with other Toastmasters. Three members from our club, the Energetics Toastmasters, were to receive their medal for the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, and I wanted to be there to help them celebrate that achievement.
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