Once upon a story in a special garden- Tea and Tales

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Each year the Guelph Storytelling Guild puts on Tea and Tales. This is the tenth anniversary of the event and the audience has grown immensely this year.

On Friday, August 11th, I shared the outdoor storytelling stage with Jay Wilson. Audience members gathered in the beautiful Enabling Gardens at Riverside Park in Guelph, Ontario.

20819503_1507429292656419_938068779677144180_o.jpgBruce Shapka, one of the photographers catches the scene from a distance. Thanks to Bruce and Brian Holstein for the photos.


Our host, Brian Holstein (right) introduces an aboriginal gentleman who offers a blessing on our telling, with a gentle reminder that we tell on lands that belong to the native community.

20746132_1507429615989720_2694895943118611890_o.jpgJay with his popular Prometheus puppet

20785686_1507429182656430_8024466112530866324_o.jpgJay telling his historical tale of some early Guelph residents

20690441_1507429269323088_6211029367913706768_o.jpgan engaged audience

20746392_1507429412656407_4712193761164002143_o.jpg And now it's my turn to tell.

20819139_1507429685989713_3417727734592359326_o.jpgCurious that a rabbit should hop out of the bushes during my story. I paused while people in the front row watch it hop by and then resumed with my story.

20819542_1507429439323071_3885483355132077912_o.jpgReally into the story here. Didn't know I looked so serious. We did have light moments.

20690442_1507429492656399_4343858425956547308_o.jpgUmbrellas popping open and I'm slightly under the tree canopy.

Nearing the end of the telling.

20690034_1507429742656374_4293034605679090869_o.jpgA lighter story but more drizzle. I finished my last one under the shelter of an umbrella, thanks to Jay's assistant.

The rain let up as audience members folded up their lawn chairs and left. On my way home, we had more rain, but it held off for more of the telling. For that I we were all glad.