Through the locks

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On our holiday in the Kawarthas with our family, we had a day on the lake.

DSCF1398.JPGThe girls are old enough to help at the locks by putting out the buoy or pulling it back in, also holding on to the rope around the cable as the water level changes.

DSCF1399.JPGthe gate opens and we wait our turn to proceed through

DSCF1401.JPGEverybody ready?

DSCF1402.JPGWater level is dropping. We go down slowly, ready for the level of the next lake. We're in capable hands, the crew monitoring the locks, and our driver, Dave.

DSCF1403.JPGLearning the geography of this place

DSCF1404.JPGThe girls learn about reading a map as their Dad points out where we are and where we'll go

DSCF1405.JPGThe legend of the Lovesick Lock, aptly named for a rejected lover

DSCF1407.JPGPosing on a log.

We had our picnic here and a family pose.


DSCF1412.JPGLock managers here at Lovesick Lock. One says it's a great summer job. She loves being out of doors.

DSCF1408.JPGRunning down the path

DSCN3322.JPGWe explored the island too. Careful steps. (L. Wilker)

DSCN3323.JPGLooking to the right at the waterway (L. Wilker)

DSCN3330.JPGNot sure what this was used for (L. Wilker)

The path was rugged on the island and we soon turned back toward the lock.

DSCN3331.JPGOur daughter took a picture of her Dad

DSCN3339.JPGLearning how the lock works (L. Wilker)

DSCN3342.JPG(L. Wilker)

Knowing there is prediction for a storm out at Burleigh, our driver makes a small circle on the lake and turns back to Lovesick Lock and we'll be on our way back.

DSCN3344.JPG Just enjoying the ride (L. Wilker)

By the time we reached Buckhorn the clouds were gathering. Our cameras were safely stowed when the rain began as we left the lock. Dave parked the boat on the other side of the lock on Buckhorn Lake and we hustled into The Mainstreet Landing Restaurant to get out of the rain and have a small snack before heading off again. The girls had the ice cream they hoped for and I had a hot drink, then we were off again across the lake toward the resort.

We reached the boat dock just ahead of the rain and hopped on the golf cart and were in the trailer before it rained too hard. Glad to get into dry clothes and warm up, we had a nap or rest, and the girls played some video games.

The next day my husband and I were on our way back home. The end of this summer's get-away. Thanks to our hosts, Laura and Dave.