Visiting Naturally Speaking Toastmasters

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On vacation in the Kawarthas, we'd be in easy driving time to Peterborough. Since I'd been to that club last year while in the area, and the summer before, I sent a message ahead of time about visiting. Johnathan replied, "We'd love to have you come." I made plans to be there for the Tuesday noon hour, their regular Toastmasters meeting time at Empress Gardens.

It was a full meeting with several other guests besides my husband and myself. Two speakers, Tammy Goddard and Stacie Tasker, worked from the CC manual and interestingly the same project, #2. Both speeches were well organized and of interest to the audience, and I especially appreciated how Tammy used a particular example throughout for her theme on meeting the expectations of a client. Stacie spoke on organizing the work space, something she is quite familiar with in her work.

Our theme of the day, under direction of Toastmaster Lorie Gill, was survival, and Brenda McMurray, the grammarian, chose our word of the day--acumen. Table Topics Master Jay Schiller had prepared a challenging Table Topics session that elicited impromtpu speeches with great thought and sometimes humour too.

With an hour of meeting time, or not quite an hour, the meeting has to be well organized and run in a timely fashion. This club does it, and they work well together. Before everyone left, I asked President Lisa Bakowsky if we might get a group photo, a request she relayed to the Toastmaster. Thus I have a photo, taken by my husband of me with the group and their banner.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome.