Another vacation in the Kawarthas

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Oh, for a summer holiday, especially in the Kawarthas with our family. We'd been waiting for it, planning for it and packing those last two days before we left. That was between wrapping up work at my desk.


We arrived on a Saturday noon in time to unpack groceries and gear and get a bite of lunch. We did some relaxing those first two days and then my daughter packed a picnic lunch and we went to the zoo in Peterborough. One of our daughter's friends was going and taking her two girls as well, so that made it extra exciting.

We met them in the playground where there are many opportunities to climb, slide and ride high on a swing.

DSCF1352.JPG The four children enjoyed the playground area and after a bit we were off to see the animals.


DSCF1360.JPGWe had a perfect day for the zoo, warm and sunny.



and one perched up high. See the long tail feathers hanging down?

None of them showed off their plumage by spreading their tails that day.

DSCF1365.JPG The monkeys, one of the childrens' favourite.


DSCF1370.JPGA photo opp where all the girls could pose

DSCN3284.JPGMy husband got a better photo of the camel than me, so here it is.

DSCF1372.JPGChecking the map to see where we are. Our daughter and her friend decided to take different directions for the next little while and meet up in the picnic area afterwards.

We checked out the fountain before parting. The air was quite warm by this time so the children trailed their fingers in water.


Then the children they saw the hill and they just couldn't resist. They had to climb up and roll down (video) , not once but at least twice.


We headed back in the direction of the picnic area seeing things along the way.

DSCF1377.JPGthe dall sheep with their large curvy horns

DSCF1378.JPGand caught my husband taking a photo too

We never did see the otters. They do like to hide and I think we missed seeing them in the pool last time as well.

DSCF1380.JPGOne turkey sitting in the tree...

This could be part of a song. Truly, I didn't know turkeys climbed but maybe there's a ramp somewhere in the pen.

DSCF1381.JPGWe brought water bottles along to keep up our fluids in the heat

DSCF1382.JPGOpen to getting her picture taken... and ready for a picnic lunch under the trees where it's a bit cooler

DSCF1384.JPG and we're ready to eat.

DSCF1386.JPGThose seagulls are bold, just waiting for people to drop their food. This one came pretty close.

DSCF1388.AVI (video)

Then the splash pad, fun and very important on a hot day. Our girls couldn't wait. This is where my daughter's friends found us.

On our way out, after getting cooled off, we hit the playground area again. We had a short time as there was a prediction of rain. The clouds built overhead.

The girls had three turns on the big green slide they love.

DSCF1389.JPGNo time to pose. Got to go up and do it again.



DSCF1392.JPGand one poses


It's a long way back up the stairs but we're watching the clouds and rain. One last bit on the equipment and then it started to rain. Big drops and just a few at first. We hurried to the truck and by that time it was getting pretty wet, especially for the Mom who had to buckle her children into seat belts.

Thus ended our day at the zoo. We headed back to the trailer, with a grocery store stop along the way.

Come back again to see the next holiday post.