And the garden grows

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DSCF1129.JPG We had heat and more over the planting time. The perennials came back into their own during their season of growth. And then this weekend when the ground was dry, we got rain. Straight down, plummeting, nourishing rain to refresh the plants and earth. We had two of those short-lived rains but it was good. Dad often said that the slower rain was better and less damaging, but we didn't have too much wind so the rain we had was still good.

DSCF1149.JPGthe pots of herbs are doing well too--lemongrass, basil, rosemary


All of the tomato plants have blossoms now. A few even have tiny tomatoes

DSCF1150.JPGMore herbs, including parsley and cilantro

DSCF1169.JPGPole beans about ready to climb

DSCF1181.JPGAnd we will have zucchinis

DSCF1174.JPGOne of the cucumber plants standing tall. Before long there'll be blossoms and it will stretch out

DSCF1167.JPGNot vegetables, but part of my flower gardens. The morning glory plants are beginning to climb

DSCF1168.JPGLemon balm, contained. I love the smell of it

DSCF1172 (2).JPGcarrots coming

I lifted the net on the garden on Friday and got most of the weeds. The rake got stuck in the netting a few times. There'll always be weeds to pull.

DSCF1170.JPGand we will have strawberries this year

DSCF1126.JPGScopia in pink and blue in my window box