The Gift of an Elephant--Jacquie Gauthier

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"When Canadian Jacquie Gauthier was a young girl, she received a souvenir of Africa from her beloved Great-Uncle Earnest."

I've recently read The Gift of an Elephant: A Story of Life, Love and Africa, by author Jacquie Gauthier. I found it engaging and of great interest. I worked, long distance and continents away, with the author on an earlier version, and naturally, when I learned that the book was published, I wanted to read it. She did not disappoint me and had added even more content to round out her experience in Africa, where she still lives.

The book starts where she sees her husband Johann drive away soon after their marriage. She would have to spend the next thirty days without him. In those thirty days and over the course of the book, she'd learn about the culture and way of living there. The author interweaves parts of her life in Canada, visits from her great-uncle in her childhood, trips home to see family and friends, as well as running for political office, and her work in radio.

I found Jacquie's writing descriptive and compelling. Already gifted at expressing herself, Jacquie writes in an authentic style.

Jacquie will be launching her second book, Twenty Eight Elephants and Other Everyday Miracles, at The Power of the Purse London on October 5th at the Hellenic Centre, 133 Southdale Rd. W., London, Ontario. I hope to meet her then, in person. Perhaps on reading this first book, you too will look forward to her second one.

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