Past Easter: New Growth

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Today I posted over at Canadian Writers Who Are Christian, as I do once a month.

13254508_10156950599670436_3886160185566086026_n.jpgphoto by a family member, May 11, 2016

Easter Sunday is past yet we're still in the Easter season in our church, a time we consider growth and renewal. It's fitting that Easter occurs in springtime. At least that's my take on it, though it may not match in other parts of the globe, with climate and different seasons.
I love watching the garden come to life, with leaves opening, buds on trees and then the early flowers appearing. First the crocuses and later the tulips and daffodils. Cheery yellow daffodils and pink tulips are among my favourites. After the white chill of winter, I'm ready for colour in my garden again. And ready for the season of gardening all over again.
This past week I took some new photos of my flowerbeds and posted several on my Facebook page. Friends say, "Already?" or "Is that this year already?" and I can reply, "Yes, it is."
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post script: It's a year today since my father died. The photo shown at the top of the post is of the cross my father made for the church in the 1980s, under the direction of the pastor of that time, Pastor Bonnie Scharf. The small tree seedling bears a tag created by my sister Kim. Our family gave out tree seedlings in honour of Dad who was passionate about trees and their place in creation so that they might plant a tree and remember Dad.
All photos on this blog are taken by the author, C.R. Wilker, or used by permission, as noted where they appear.