Lake Eola Park

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DSCF0821.JPG One of our last days in Florida, Chris took us to the outdoor market in Orlando around Lake Eola. The day was quite warm and the sun was hot. We were glad for a bit of shade along the path. I thought I had my sunscreen with me. It was in another bag, unfortunately.

DSCF0823.JPG Along the walkway we saw this magnificent structure in the lake.

DSCF0828.JPG The water was pretty clear and we could see the buildings reflected in the lake.

DSCF0829.JPG Doris and her son, Chris.

Debbie opted to visit someone she knew who lived in Florida. We went one way and she went in another direction.DSCF0832.JPG Me, posing for a change

DSCF0834.JPGSwans in this part of the lake, and another statue


DSCF0836.JPG Many booths, selling ethnic food, clothing, coconut milk, fruit and veggies and other wares. This day was an Arab Festival.

We met Chris's friend, Morocco, in the market area and walked to his building and went up to look out over the city from his balcony.

DSCF0840.JPG A little dizzying looking out from the 26th floor

DSCF0845.JPGDSCF0850.JPGWe see the grounds where the market is located and then we go up even higher to the roof, the 29th floor, where they have a swimming pool outside and an exercise room just inside.

DSCF0852.JPG Not so bright indoors, no squinting. Thanks for the tour, Morocco.

Then down the quiet elevator to the parking level where we found the car and drove away and back to Lake Mary.