A Day at the Beach--in February

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It's good to recall those days of holidays in Florida last month. Hard to believe that it was a month ago. So much has happened since then: the birth of two new grandchildren, the release of our book Good Grief People and the Area 62 Toastmasters speech contests. I'll get back to those topics again. For now, it's time to recall the day on New Smyrna Beach.

DSCF0798.JPG We paid the fee to park on the beach and then walked through the town.

DSCF0799.JPG For a bit of fun, we posed behind this sign. First Doris and Debbie. I think the photo of me is on Debbie's phone or Doris's.

DSCF0800.JPGThere were a lot of neat shops on the main street. We found clothing, trinkets, jewelry, and of course, places to eat.

DSCF0802.JPG Debbie loves to pose.

DSCF0803.JPG Such interesting names for shops...

DSCF0804.JPG and signs in shop windows... and stuff in the stores

DSCF0806.JPG and outdoor patios for eating.


We liked this shop a lot. It's like our Ten Thousand Villages. If a certain person has his way to tax products coming into the country, these shops will likely close, the shopkeeper said. That would be a shame.

We did a bit of shopping here. Doris and I bought a sarong to wear over a bathing suit. Such rich colours.

DSCF0809.JPG And then to the beach where Doris and I set up the chairs and soaked up some sun. We did go in the water (Atlantic Ocean) and it was a little chilly, but I had to do it anyway.


We watched people walk up and down the beach, birds digging in the sand for juicy snacks and someone digging for crustaceans in the water.

We listened to the sound of the waves and watched them roll in, one after another. A soothing sound and one that we don't get inland.

DSCF0817.JPG These birds had a funny little skip hop as they hurried across the sand, then they'd dig in the sand with their pointy beaks. I wondered if they were sandpipers. It was entertaining watching them.

DSCF0820.JPG Our chairs sunk in the sand a bit and it was time to move them and soon time to head back to our host's home. We'd taken in the sunshine, applied our sunscreen several times and found some small shells to bring home.

We had one last wander on the main street, when we did our purchasing and found a pizza place to have some lunch. We wandered back to the car and headed away. It was a fine day at the beach and a place I'd love to come back to.

Goodbye New Smyrna Beach and Atlantic Ocean. We've enjoyed our stay.