Downtown Disney colourful at night

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DSCF0769.JPG One evening, we drove into Orlando against a lot of traffic to walk through Downtown Disney. Plenty of people had come to do the same and it was neat to see the lights and action. But none of the Disney characters.

My granddaughter who adores Minnie Mouse asked, after I returned home, if we had seen her. "No," I said. "Maybe they were tired from being there all day, but I'm sure you will see Minnie when you go in the summer."

She was okay with that reply.

DSCF0770.JPGThen we saw these two character statues that actually had some moving parts. Do you know which movie these are from?

DSCF0771.JPGDebbie had a lot of fun posing on this holiday.

DSCF0772.JPG And Doris too. The sign on the floor said 'No climbing' but there's no saying you cannot pose.

DSCF0773.JPGRemember Mr. Potato Head?

DSCF0774.JPGThis dates me, I know. I remember we had such fun with Tinkertoys.

DSCF0775.JPGDoris went back for a pose with this guy.

DSCF0776.JPGWe can see the Rainforest Cafe from here.


DSCF0780.JPGDoris with her son, Chris, who was our host for the week and took us some neat places.


Merry-go-round, a ride I always looked forward to at our hometown fair when I was a child. This one in the video is elegant.

DSCF0782.JPGOr, if you don't care to open the video, here's a photo of it. It was inviting. I might have liked to go for a ride if it had been ready to take us for one. The horses were so beautiful.

DSCF0785.JPGGoofy, near the entrance to the candy shop. It seemed everywhere we went, where there was some candy or chocolate, we had to inquire if there was any that's dairy free. Debbie was disappointed each time.

DSCF0787.JPGOne of my granddaughters is worried about meeting up with an alligator at Disney. This one looks scary, but it's not real, so I was safe in saying there are none at Disney that would be on the loose. Maybe in a zoo, though.

DSCF0790.JPGLooking across the water, at the lights and the fountain.

DSCF0791.JPGFrom the bridge, another attractive site

DSCF0793.JPGAcross the bridge to another area

DSCF0796.JPGWe could see the lights on this dome from across the bridge. We saw plenty, spent nothing but time, although we did look for a certain shop that had colouring books for children, but that shop had just closed.

That day, in total, we'd done a lot of walking and that night my fitbit scored 10,000 steps.

We found a Chick-fil-A restaurant (fast becoming our favourite) where we stopped for a late, late supper. After that Chris drove us back to Lake Mary. We were quite tired by then, but it had been a good day.

We looked forward to a day at the beach. Might be the next day.